After beta, this page will be of more use. For the time being, it will be used to keep track of glaring alpha issues. I will do my best to update this page periodically but up-to-date info will be shared on my profile page here.


  • Send post: return
  • Close post modal: esc


  • Avatar upload works for files thinner than 1000px width and under 2MB. This is sad and can must be better.
  • Search, Notifications, and Messages are absent.
  • Editing is absent.
  • The functionality to block, mute, follow, and befriend is absent.
  • Account deletion and data export are not possible at the moment.
  • Polish and visual parity of features across the site (obviously, we're in alpha).
  • Scrolling is abysmal on non-Blink/Chromium browsers thanks to non-native WebP support. The only available polyfill is JavaScript-based and therefore not efficient. I found a WASM-based decoder but it is definitely not ready for production. I might have better luck with FLIF.
  • Safari is loading some images but not others due to Access-Control-Allow-Origin "issues" but...they are set. This could be user (me) error, low priority fix at the moment.